Department of Mechanical Electronics

Name: Ye He

Title: Dr/ Associate Professor/ Ph.D.supervisor

Email Address:

Office Room Number: SKLMT building 304

Office Tel: 023-65106006cel13002353918

Background of Education and Work Experience

B.S.   Mechanical Engineering  Chongqing University of technology 2000

MA.Sc Mechanical Engineering  Chongqing University  2003

Ph.D Mechanical Engineering Chongqing University 2018

Research Field

  • Mechanical innovation design method

  • High performance electromechanical transmission and intelligent control

  • Intelligent wearable system and exoskeleton robot

  • Human computer cooperation and intelligent perception

Research and Honors

Membership in professional Organizations:

  • Member, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

Honors and Awards:

  • Second prize of Chongqing science and technology progress (ranking fifth), china,2008.

  • third prize of Chongqing science and technology progress (ranking fifth), china,2009.

  • third prize of Chongqing science and technology progress (ranking third), china,2020


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