Department of Mechanical Electronics


Name: Lin Bai

Title: professor

Email Address:

Office Room Number:

Office Tel: 13628449434

Background of Education and Work Experience

  • PHD Supervisor ,2011

  • Professor, Chongqing University,2010

  • Associate Professor, Chongqing University,2006

  • PHD, Chongqing University,2004

Research Field

  • Mechanical and electrical equipment fault prediction and health management (PHM). For high-end equipment in aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, robotics, CNC machine tools, wind turbines and other industries, we use embedded sensing / detection, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to study the fault diagnosis and residual life prediction of high-end electromechanical equipment, and realize intelligent operation and maintenance and full life tracking in the era of industry 4.0.

  • Equipment dynamic performance evaluation. By means of field test and simulation analysis, the dynamic performance of mechanical and electrical equipment is evaluated and improvement measures are put forward by using modern signal processing and finite element technology.

  • Development of intelligent measurement and control system. According to the requirements of mechanical and electrical products bench test, we independently develop test bench, test instruments, control devices, and develop bench test equipment.


Research and Honors

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China, national "863" plan, "two aircraft special project" and national defense and military industry, more than 30 projects

  • More than 100 SCI / EI retrieval papers have been published, 5 invention patents have been granted, and 1 monograph has been published by Science Press.

  • won one Second Class Prize of the State Science and Technology Advancement Award, one First Prize of University Invention Award of Ministry of education, one First the State Science and Technology Advancement Award nominated by Ministry of education, one First Prize of Chongqing the State Science and Technology Advancement Award, and one Second Prize of the State Science and Technology Advancement Award nominated by Ministry of education.

  • At present, he is the director of the dynamic testing special committee of the Chinese society of vibration engineering, the director of the National College mechanical testing special committee, and the editorial board member of the journal vibration, testing and diagnosis.