Department of Mechanical Electronics

Name: Dong Qingbing

Title: Research Professor

Email Address:

Office Room Number: 531

Office Tel: NA

Background of Education and Work Experience

  • Jiangsu University (Zhenjiang, China)  Aug 2004 - Jul 2008

  • Tianjin University (Tianjin, China)  Aug 2008 - Jul 2010

  • Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Research Institute, China FAW Group Corporation (Wuxi, China)   Aug 2010 - Jul 2012

  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)  Aug 2012 - Now

Research Field

  • Deep Learning for Computational Mechanics

  • Tribology and Lubrication

  • Interfacial Mechanics

  • Solid Mechanics

  • Fracture Mechanics

  • Reliable Design of Mechanical Transmission System

Research and Honors

  • Lu X, Dong Q, Zhou K, et al. Numerical Analysis of Transient Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication During Startup and Shutdown Processes[J]. Journal of Tribology, 2018, 140(4): 041504.


  • Dong Q, Zhou K. Elastohydrodynamic lubrication modeling for materials with multiple cracks[J]. Acta Mechanica, 2014, 225(12): 3395-3408.


  • Dong Q, Zhou K, Wei R, et al. Analysis of fluid pressure, interface stresses and stress intensity factors for layered materials with cracks and inhomogeneities under elastohydrodyna-mic lubrication contact[J]. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 2015, 93: 48-58.


  • Dong Q, Zhou K. Multiple inhomogeneous inclusions and cracks in a half space under elastohydrodynamic lubrication contact[J]. International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2015, 7(01): 1550003.


  • 矫亚利, 李宝峰, 平晓峰, 鞠得雨, & 董庆兵. (2012). 喷油嘴密封座面对共轨喷油器开启压力散差的影响. 现代车用动力, (2).


  • Dong Q, Zhou K, Chen W W, et al. Partial slip contact modeling of heterogeneous elasto-plastic materials[J]. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 2016, 114: 98-110.

  • Dong Q, Yang J, Wang X, et al. Heterogeneous structures with inhomogeneous inclusions under elastohydrodynamic lubrication contact with consideration of surface roughness[J]. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology, 2016, 230(5): 571-582.


  • Zhou K, Dong Q. A three-dimensional model of line-contact elastohydrodynamic lubrication for heterogeneous materials with inclusions[J]. International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2016, 8(02): 1650014.


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