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Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering successfully held the new semester staff conference at conference room 7335, on the afternoon of March 3rd, 2022. The conference was presided over by Fan Wei, Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee. College leaders and all the teaching staff attended the conference.

President Luo Jun briefly reviewed the achievement and breakthroughs made in 2021 in the fields of talents training, scientific research, and the construction of teaching staff. Arrangements were also made for the main work in 2022. He said that the college will continue to strengthen team building, vigorously develop the five discipline directions of the college, and focus to promote the process of internationalization. He hoped that all the faculty and staff would unite as one and work together to enhance the influence of the college and the discipline.

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Fan Wei conveyed to everyone the spirit of the school’s New Semester Comprehensive Strict Party Governance Conference and the spirit of the school Discipline Inspection Commission expansion meeting. She stressed that in 2022, the college will comprehensively promote the party governance with strict discipline, create a good political ecology, and at the same time, adhere to the fundamental task of moral education, consolidate the foundation of ideological and political education, strengthen the construction of grass-roots teaching staff branches, and consolidate the foundation of Party building. In addition, she also reported the comprehensive management of social security of the college in 2021 and conducted safety education to the staff to further strengthen the awareness and responsibility, firmly establish the concept of safety development, and actively maintain the school security order and stability.

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Diao Yuxiong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, introduced the key points of student work in 2022 from the aspects of student party and league organization construction, management of network ideological positions, student innovation and entrepreneurship activities, students' social practice and volunteer activities, and platform construction of campus cultural education activities. He stressed that in addition to the daily management of students, the college will also focus on the student’s mental health and employment problems to comprehensively help students grow up.

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Vice President He Yansong introduced his financial work and the work arrangement of the industry-university-research institute. He said that the college will cooperate with the financial department of the school to continue to promote the online process of financial reimbursement. "let the data run more, let teachers and students run less", the college will actively use information means to make reimbursement process more intelligent, convenient and efficient. The college will also continue to deepen cooperation between industry, university, and research institutes and take multiple measures to promote common development.

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Vice President Tang Baoping mentioned that the college still has problems such as not having enough advanced training concepts, weak training ability, and imperfect training mechanisms. In 2022, the college will improve the curriculum system, deepen the integrated industry and education mechanism, and improve tutors’ ability to cultivate students.

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Vice President Liu Fei said that the undergraduate teaching work in 2022 will focus on the achievement of key indicators of undergraduate teaching and the connotation construction of undergraduate teaching during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. He mentioned that talent training is a long-term and arduous project, and we should treat talent training with a long-term perspective and strategic thinking, and do a solid job in talent training in the new era with a higher position, a broader vision, and a more long-term vision.

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Vice President Cao Huajun introduced the goals of the college's scientific research work in 2022, that is, to effectively promote major horizontal projects and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, deepen international scientific research cooperation, strengthen the docking and research with top enterprises, and strive to make breakthroughs in major projects.

Vice President Chen Rui briefly introduced the key points of the personnel and internationalization work of the college in 2022. In terms of personnel, the college will do a good job in the preliminary research and plan formulation of the new round of performance-based pay implementation plans, and strengthen the introduction and cultivation of talents at the same time. In terms of internationalization, the college will coordinate resources to focus on applying for international bases and platforms, and strengthen the training of international talents.

Chen Xiaohui, Secretary of the Party Committee, fully affirmed the achievements of the college under the joint efforts of all the teachers and students in 2021 and praised the outstanding performance and advanced deeds of some teachers and Party branches. In the opportunities and challenges of the present, she pointed out that the college will continue to promote ideological and political engineering, role example engineering, cultural engineering, teacher morality and teacher style construction project, and party construction. All the teachers and students of the college should work hard and contribute to the development of first-class disciplines with an indomitable attitude and the spirit of never giving up

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