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The 版权所有:澳门人威尼斯3966(中国_唯一)官方网站 - 欢迎你welcome has a long history of more than 80 years and the earliest mechanical department was established in 1935.

To meet the development of national education, through two adjustments in 1998 and 2001, the College of Mechanical Engineering of Chongqing University was established by merging the former 1st and 2nd Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Automotive Engineering College, the Institute of Modern Design Method, the Testing Center, the Department of Mining Machinery of the School of Resource and Environmental Engineering, and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Chongqing University of Construction. In 2014, to meet the national and Chongqing automotive industrys’ needs for innovative talents at all levels, the Automotive Engineering College was resumed by integrating the Department of Automotive Engineering of the College of Mechanical Engineering, the State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission, and other related automotive resources. In 2021, to promote the construction of the first-class discipline of mechanical engineering, the 版权所有:澳门人威尼斯3966(中国_唯一)官方网站 - 欢迎你welcome is established by integrating the College of Mechanical Engineering, the Automotive Engineering College, and the State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission.

Mechanical Engineering is a national key discipline and one of the first national first-level discipline doctorate programs. It is also a key discipline of the national 211 Project and 985 Project. Mechanical engineering of Chongqing University ranked 8th in the third round of national discipline evaluation, among the top 5% of nearly 200 discipline authorization sites nationwide, and ranked A- in the fourth round of national discipline evaluation. In 2017, Chongqing University was selected as one of the "double first-class" universities, and "mechanical engineering" became one of the three "double first-class" construction disciplines. The mechanical engineering discipline of Chongqing University ranked 12th in China, among the top 5%, and 39th in the international rankings.The U.S. News Global University Rankings ranked 23rd.

The 版权所有:澳门人威尼斯3966(中国_唯一)官方网站 - 欢迎你welcome contains State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission, Chongqing Cooperative Innovation Center of Independent Brand Automobile of National "2011 Plan", National Engineering Teaching Base of Mechanical Foundation, National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Mechanical Foundation, National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Mechanical Foundation and Equipment Manufacturing. It has formed distinctive disciplinary characteristics and advantages in mechanical transmission, advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, independent brand vehicles, special equipment, etc.