Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Program

The history of the 版权所有:澳门人威尼斯3966(中国_唯一)官方网站 - 欢迎你welcome dates back to 1935. It is one of the "211 Project" and "985 Project” universities, and the first batch of key universities in "Double First-class" construction.

There are 219 faculty members in the college now, including 71 professors and 73 associate professors. The college has the “State Key Laboratory of Mechanical transmissions”, a “National basic teaching base for engineering machinery”, a “National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center”, a “National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center”, a national “2011 Plan” Chongqing Independent Brand Automobile Collaborative Innovation Center and nine Chongqing key laboratories and engineering centers and other teaching and research platforms. It has two Changjiang Scholar Innovation Teams of the Ministry of Education, one National Defense Science and Technology Innovation Team, and one National Teaching Team. For more information, please visit http://jwc.cqu.edu.cn/.

Mechanical Design manufacture and Automation (080202)

Five-star Major

In 2007, it was awarded as one of the first national characteristic majors construction sites, and in 2019, it was awarded as one of the first national first-class majors construction sites. In 2012, it passed the National Engineering Education Professional Certification with excellent results. It cultivates high-quality composite mechanical engineering technical talents who are engaged in research and development, design and manufacture, technology, and economic management in the field of mechanical engineering. National Major Rank: 5/537.

Core Course

Principle of Machinery

Mechanical Designing

Mechanical Drawing

Manufacturing Technology

Monitor and Control Technology

Mechatronic Engineering (080402)

Five-star Major

In 2020, it was awarded as the national first-class undergraduate major construction site. It cultivates innovative and composite engineering and technical talents who are engaged in research and development, design and manufacture, performance test and simulation, operation control and technical and economic management in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. National Major Rank: 4/323

Core Course

Principle & Interface Technique of Micro-computer

Fluid Power Transmission and Control

Control Engineering Fundamentals

Electromechanical Control Principle and System Design

Engineering Electronics

Measurement Techniques of Mechanic Engineering

Vehicle Engineering (080207)

Five-star Major

In 2013, it was selected as the national characteristic major construction point of higher education, and selected as the pilot major of the Ministry of Education's Excellent Engineer Plan. In 2019, it was awarded as the first national first-class major construction point. It cultivates interdisciplinary innovative talents engaged in scientific research, product development, design and manufacturing, technology and economic management in vehicle engineering and related fields. National professional ranking: 4/275.

Core Course

Automobile Theory

Automobile Structure

Automobile Design

Automobile Manufacturing

Automobile Control Theory

Principle of Internal Combustion Engine

Robotic Engineering (080803T)

The enrollment was first opened to the whole country in 2019. It is a new engineering major specially designed according to the requirements of international science and technology frontier and national strategic development, as well as to meet the special needs of robot engineering personnel training. It cultivates high-quality, innovative, and interdisciplinary talents with the ability of R&D, programming, integrated application, management, and information processing, as well as the innovation consciousness and engineering practice ability in robot R&D.

Core Course

Signal and System

Information Fusion and Control

Motion Control Technology


Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Fundamentals of Robotics

Robot Operating System

Robot System Design and Application

Industrial Design (080205)

Founded in 1985, it is one of the first industrial design programs in China. It has the characteristics of interdisciplinary engineering and art, and focuses on automotive modeling design, interaction design and user experience design to cultivate high-quality professionals in industrial design.

Core Course


Design psychology

Design Presentation Skills

Composition Basis and Design Practice

Automobile Structure and Theory

Material for Design and Processing Technology

Automobile Sketch Design and Model Making

Automobile Interior and Exterior Styling Design