Graduate Programs

Graduate Program

The discipline of Mechanical Engineering of Chongqing University was founded in 1935. After more than 80 years of construction and development, it is one of the first national first-class key disciplines, which has the first national doctoral programs and engineering doctoral professional degree in first-level disciplines. It is one of the key disciplines of national "Project 211" and "Project 985", covering secondary subjects of the mechanical design and theory, mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical engineering, vehicle engineering, robotics engineering, and industrial Engineering.

CQU-ME discipline combines the major needs of the country with the development frontier of international disciplines. To solve the common and critical technological problems on Modern Equipment Design and Manufacturing, explorative and innovative researches have been carried out based on the Interfacial Mechanics and Meshing Theory, Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and System, Advanced Intelligent Equipment, Intelligent Sensing and Controlling, Intelligent Robot, New Energy Vehicle, Intelligent Connected Vehicles and other fields. The interdisciplinary fusion based on the development of AI, Electronic Technique, Automation Technology, Computer and Software Technology Material Science enriches the discipline and broadens the research field. It promotes the refinement, automation, intelligence, continuity, high efficiency, greenization and integration of mechanical products and production process.

CQU-ME Graduate programs pursue the moral eduction, aiming at the international academic frontiers and the national major need. The goal is to train innovative individuals with great ambition, integrated knowledge, comprehensive ability and global vision. To cultivates world-class graduates, curriculum system has been reconstructed, multiple and coordinated teaching mode has been innovated and multi-dimensional supervision system on teaching quality has been established. For more information, please visit

Mechanical Engineering

Core Course

Machinery System Dynamics

Modern Control Engineering

Engineering Signal Processing and Big Data Analysis

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing system engineering

Advanced Robotics

Vehicle Engineering 

Core Course

Vehicle dynamics

Testing Technology and Analysis in Vehicle

Reliability Analysis in Vehicle

Theory and Design of Electric Vehicle

Control Theory and Applications in Vehicles

Optimization Design in Vehicle