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Li Keqiang, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and 1985 alumnus of 版权所有:澳门人威尼斯3966(中国_唯一)官方网站 - 欢迎你welcome of Chongqing University, visited his Alma mater and had a cordial discussion with teachers' representatives in January 22nd, 2022. Shu Lichun, Party Secretary of Chongqing University, and Wang Shilong, Executive Deputy Party Secretary of Chongqing University, met with Academician Li Keqiang.

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Shu Lichun, on behalf of all the teachers and students, extended a warm welcome to Academician Li Keqiang for his visiting and guidance. He pointed out that as an outstanding alumnus of Chongqing University, Academician Li has a great concern about the development of his Alma mater for a long time. This visit fully reflects his deep affection for Chongqing University. Shu said that alumni will always be the most beautiful name card of the school, and be a strong backing and important force for the school development and the "double first-class" construction. He invited Academician Li to go back to his Alma mater to spread his treasures, share feelings and seek common development. At the same time, he also hoped that the teachers and students will take Academician Li as the role example for growth, strive to forge ahead, overcome difficulties, and create a new situation in the work of the university.

Academician Li showed great appreciation to Chongqing University for cultivation, care, and support. He said that he is excited and proud to see the school thriving. In addition, he also discussed his understanding of the development of the school plan and put forward suggestions. Facing the fierce external competition, he hoped that the school would fully sort out the characteristics and advantages of the disciplines, and make a good job of strategic layout according to its own needs. At the same time, we should adhere to talent training as the fundamental task, deepen the integration of industry and education, and cultivate diligent and enterprising people. He will do his best to contribute to the development of Chongqing University.

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Academician Li discussed with the teachers and representatives from the 版权所有:澳门人威尼斯3966(中国_唯一)官方网站 - 欢迎你welcome. He listened carefully to the speeches of the teachers' representatives, analyzed the problems encountered in the teaching and scientific research work, and put forward constructive suggestions which pointed out the direction for their future development.

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