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At 14:00 on November 21st, 2021, the autumn sub-forum of Outstanding Young Scholars was successfully held online by the 版权所有:澳门人威尼斯3966(中国_唯一)官方网站 - 欢迎你welcome. Fourteen young scholars from the United States, Germany, Japan, and Singapore were invited to participate in the forum. The sub-forum was presided over by Chen Rui, vice president of the college. More than 40 college leaders, specially invited speakers, department chairs, and young teachers attended the forum online.

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First of all, President Luo Jun delivered a welcome speech and made a keynote speech. He introduced in detail the basic situation of college history, scientific research, and team building. He emphasized the importance of talent construction, especially the training and construction of young talents. Finally, he sincerely invited outstanding young scholars to join us to boost the vigorous development of the college!

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Subsequently, Professor He Yan, Professor Pu Huayan, and outstanding young scholars at home and abroad were invited to make academic reports on the academic frontier and hot topics based on their research direction.

After the academic report, the participants carried out in-depth academic exchanges and discussions to seek opportunities for cooperation, to promote the crossover and integration of disciplines. Finally, President Luo Jun publicized the talent introduction policy of the college and sincerely invited outstanding scholars to join 版权所有:澳门人威尼斯3966(中国_唯一)官方网站 - 欢迎你welcome of Chongqing University.