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Notice on the Annual Review of

Chinese Government Scholarship Status (2022)

As required by China Scholarship Council, all Chinese Government Scholarship students at Chongqing University must attend the annual review. Those who fail to participate in the annual review of the scholarship without reason will be disqualified from the scholarship. The details of the annual review are as follows


1. Students who will continue to study their program with CSC Scholarship after September, 2022.

2. Students who cannot graduate in July 2022 as planned, but wish to extend their scholarship and meet the extension requirements.

3. Students whose scholarship was suspended or reduced due to failure to pass the annual review in 2021, and wish to apply for resumption of the scholarship.

4. Students who have applied for study suspension for the current academic year but intend to resume their study in next academic year (except for students who were enrolled in autumn semester of 2021, but suspended from study in that semester, and who had applied suspension in 2020-2021 academic year and also passed the Annual Review but still applied for suspension in 2021-2022 academic year).


Step 1: Please login in the Chinese Government Scholarship Information Management System for International Students ( via your CSC number and click “ Annual Review of CSC”.

Step 2: Fill in the Evaluation Questionnaire of Chinese Government Scholarship Institution.

Step 3: Complete the self-assessment of annual review and provide supporting documents if you have and click the button of “submit” before April 27, 2022.

For any inquiry, please contact ISO teacher:

Mr. He  86-23-65105077

School of International Education

Chongqing University

April 20, 2022